Energy Storage, Gas-LPG Station Appraisal

Energy market sector, in comparison with other sectors, includes law and management and petrol market law dependency etc. different elements other than real estate. These elements are given in the following headings:

- Non-sanitary enterprises license
- Environmental impact assessment report
- Dealer-Distributer Contract
- Energy Market Regulatory Authority license
- Usufruct Duration
- Usufruct Duration

License are as follows:
- Refinery License
- Processing License
- Mineral oil license
- Storing license
- Transfer license
- Free user license
- Bunker fuel delivery license
- Distributer license
- Transportation license
- Dealer license

Our company has the know-how and experience of valuation of a gas-LPG station, station project, rights and benefits related to the gas station (Usufruct, sales volume etc.), filling facility or refinery at a certain date as the probable market, rental or the demanded value, independently and impartially. We also can evaluate all the factors that may effect this value such as quality, quantity, Machinery Park and equipment, market conditions. We can prepare written appraisal reports in accordance with the valuation standard accepted in the international arena.