Urban Transformation

It is one of the public studies in order to prevent losses of lives and properties in case of a likely earthquake that risk values of soil and the construction/constructions over it be determined, risky buildings be taken out of use and reconstructed according to the nature of soil considering that the risky buildings might tear down in a possible earthquake and cause harm to other buildings in the vicinity.
The following amendments have been made in the new regulation which got into effect on the official gazette dated 27 October.
As it is in the risky buildings, it may be declared as a risky area for 100%, when 2/3 of the buildings in an area are risky.
The condition that the building be torn down has been lifted for the sale of 1/3 land share in an auction, of those who don’t agree with the conviction.
In the cases that the owner registered in the title deed is dead, ministry of environment and urbanization has been authorized to issue certificate of inheritance for written notice of directorate or administration, to appoint a trustee, or carry out the transactions with the last owner registered in the title deed.
Declaration of risky areas can be made without any square meter limitation in any area as long as it meets other conditions.
Letter of application, copy of the identification card, current title deed status document will be requested on the application.
It has been an obligation that services of electricity, water, natural gas be terminated at the end of the days for discharging.

Owners may make applications to private sector or Housing Development Administration of Turkey from now on.
Inspections in 2 month terms will be conducted and the buildings which are not demolished will be demolished by civilian authority by using law enforcement forces because of disaster risk.
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